Why wait to contact Us?

Why wait to contact Us?

Have you ever had a health issue that your doctor couldn’t help you with? Have you spent hours researching your symptoms to try and self diagnose but to no avail?

We’ve seen it all. I’ve had countless patients over the years tell me I’m their last resort or give me the analysis of exactly what they think they need and what I always, yes always, come back to is what does their body say. The body doesn’t lie, it has no filters, so I find it to be the best source of reliable information for each individuals need at that moment.

In my early days as a practitioner I too wasn’t sure if asking the body was the optimal solution, so I did my own clinical studies. Initially when a patient would come in asking for an adjustment, with no positive result in the muscle testing, I would still adjust if it palpated as being out of alignment. Turns out the adjustment was in vain and the patient got worse.

To test the opposite of this, the next time I had patients come in insisting that I give them adjustment when the body did not positively respond to it, I resisted and asked that they wait to allow the work we had done to integrate into the body. Later, no more pain existed.

The importance of this story is that as a doctor I am a guide. I listen to your body through the technique of muscle testing, and I honor what it needs most and in the order of priority. With tools like this we don’t need to guess, we just need to ask.