Dr. Philip B. Crane

Dr. Philip B. Crane

Philip B. Crane, D.C. has been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years and continues to research, finding the best modalities and ways to help his patients. Like many of his patients Dr. Crane stumbled onto applied kinesiology and NET after developing symptoms that were unable to be resolved by traditional methods.

For 8 months Dr. Crane experienced double vision. It would come and go, infrequently at first and then often, making it difficult to practice and ‘focus’ on his passion for helping others. As any good clinician does, he attempted to work out what was wrong: starting by having the muscles and nerves around the eye checked. He went to his regular chiropractor but felt no relief and saw an optometrist to only receive a recommendation for an MRI. This was not a solution Dr. Crane was interested in pursuing. He continued his search for answers. Finally, Dr. Crane came across a chiropractor who was known for his work with cranial adjusting.

Dr. Crane’s first session with his new chiropractor was unlike any he had experienced prior. After adjustments to the cranial bones did not fix the problem, the chiropractor began checking different areas of the body, gathering information using techniques Dr. Crane had never seen before. The doctor was asking questions of his body through the use of manual muscle testing. Soon an emotional connection to the double vision was uncovered.

It turned out that some of the challenges Dr. Crane was experiencing in his work life were manifesting as interferences within his body. These blockages were discovered and addressed through the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). There were physical imbalances occurring as compensatory measures, but those imbalances were unable to be corrected by physical manipulation alone; once the emotional link was broken and released through NET, his vision cleared and no additional sessions were required.

Dr. Crane went back to study applied kinesiology through the ICAK and the NeuroEmotional Technique to enable him to help his patients in the same way that he himself had been helped. Since then he has also studied and integrated Numbudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, Quintessential Applications, and Callahan’s 5 Step Phobia Cure into his practice. This eye opening experience changed Dr. Crane forever and continues to impact how he approaches the treatment of his patients.

Now through the Applied Kinesiology system of manual muscle testing to evaluate body function, Dr. Crane is able to discover the modalities and support needed, at that moment, to help his patients through the healing process. Since we are dynamic beings, each session differs and is catered to the response of the individual patient’s body.