Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a mind-body technique designed to resolve negative emotional blocks caused by physiological stress. It combines a number of techniques and principles from traditional Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, and chiropractic by addressing emotional/stress related factors, toxins in the body, nutritional needs, and structural needs of the body.

Traumatic events can cause neurological imbalances which tie themselves to an injury or physical stressor in the body. This is a cellular memory of the event and is often unconscious. While “Pavlov’s Dog” clearly exemplifies this behavior in dogs, humans have a similar response mechanism when exposed to stressful situations. A smell, memory, item, etc. can agitate an injury, affecting healing. The purpose of NET is to remove these blocks and align subconscious beliefs with conscious beliefs to reset the neurological connections to traumatic events, and speed recovery of ailments.

A typical session involves the holding of specific reflex points, and gentle stimulation of points along the periphery of the spine.

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